Story 31Button 31



The old man resting on a wayside bench, had memories on his mind
He spent this time just thinking, of the years he’d left behind
He thought about his early life when he was just a kid
He thought about the people and what they said and did

The bench was cold the wind was wild as he tried to button his coat
Then he remembered he’d lost one, the one just by his throat
He would have to manage without it but it wouldn’t be as good
It’s only when you need a button that its worth is understood

Many people passed his way and never seen him there
Their thoughts were only of today and how to get their share
They rushed and pushed their way around without a passing glance
Intent on getting what they could when fate gave them the chance

The old man thought of yester times and how life used to be
Then people had the time to look around and see what they could see
They saw life for what it was and how they should try to live
In order to be able to take from it you had to learn to give

It was now a new generation with different challenges to
The older way of life had gone now and their behaviours new
They have no time for waiting they just want more and more
Machines and Gimmicks are now the thing even for the poor

I Pads and Computers that’s how they spend their time
They have to live with problems of system faults and crime
No idle gossip happens now they communicate by text
With new apps coming every day God knows what will be next

He wasn’t blind to technology that’s how he’d earned his keep
Common problems of this kind would never lose him sleep
Life had taught him many things like when to work or play
And not get caught by addictive things that take your time away

He wished he could turn the clock back to keep some of the things as they were
Like corner Shops and walking Cops in Streets were neighbours care
He’d had more of a fuller life than the present will get, even in a dream
His happiest days were spent with friends they fashioned his esteem

The old man thought of values of status, money and wealth
These to him didn’t matter as much as special friends or health
If only he could have one anonymously wish to make the present see
Only people can enrich your life and spending it with them is free

People are just like buttons, some are shiny and bright
Some are big, some are small, and some are heavy or light
Buttons are part of a pattern to secure an item to wear
Like people, all that’s best is nothing without them being there




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