Story 10Button 21


Life's not as exciting or glamorous as people seem to think as a button.

Oh day after day lying in an old biscuit jar I mean the original tenants had more excitement, at least they got to get dunked in a hot cuppa tea.

We're an odd assortment; spare ones, new, paired, sets or just like me an odd button saved for a rainy day.

I don't really mingle with the other occupants, what with me being white satin with gold braid, even if I say so myself, I'm kind of extra special. I'm not saying that I'm a snob, it's just that I've got standards. I should really be in a jewellery box, mingling with gold chains and diamond rings. Between me and you I've been hanging around here for over 10 years, I must be one of the longest residents except for, oh no descriptions mentioned, but a certain set who took residence here over 15 years ago so they say but I don't really believe them. I'm not being coy about my age but just lets say I look as new and as fresh as when I first popped into the jar.

"Oh no," Amelia screamed, "I knew I shouldn't have bought this wedding dress on Ebay. It's come back from the cleaners with a tear in the back, oh that's it call the church, cancel the wedding. I cant possibly walk down the aisle with a big gaping hole. I know the dress was cheap but I don't want the world and his dog to know that.

Mum, will you tell gran to stop fiddling around with that old jar of hers. PLEASE tell her to go and make a cup of tea or something."

"Amelia I'm looking for an answer in this jar, have faith button jars are like treasures of secrets and solutions, each button with its own little history."

"Gran please, not today with your hocus pocus."

"Oh perfect."

Eh steady on old girl, didn't you know its not polite to just go grabbing a button like that without any warning. There I was minding my own business....Ahh!

Amelia's grandmother began to meticulously sew the tear at the back of the dress to the cries of Amelia. "Oh you will be able to see the stitching it will look ridiculous."

Oblivious her grandmother continued with the job in question and attached the satin and gold button to the tear.

"Gran you're a genius it looks like a feature with the tucks a designer touch."

See I knew I was destined for elaborate things, I am the creme de la creme of buttons and saved a wedding. I suppose really each one of us has a purpose or we wouldn't be kept in homes for so long and with so much care. Now lets get this show on the road.

"Gran thank you and your magic button jar x"





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