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This certainly wasn't a feeling he had any love for, Patrick thought whilst looking at his pale, reflection in the mirror, his skin glistening with a thin layer of sweat. A white shirt freshly washed and put on just minutes before was already starting to stick to his skin, coupled with his half finished tie, gave him the look of someone leaving a hard day's work behind and not of someone an hour ahead of his days schedule.

He reached for a fresh towel as yet another wave of nausea overcame him, after several deep breaths he steadied himself looked back in the mirror and smiled. All this worry and effort over something as simple as a job interview, not like him at all, how his friends would laugh if they saw him now. The ever confident young man, without a fear of the unknown, ready to take on anything... not today. Today was possibly the single most important day of his life, today could change everything and today was finally here. He used to work as a financial advisor for a major company but they reduced the staff almost a year ago and he lost his job, he had been unemployed since and needed this job more than anything.

He stood up and began to knot his tie like he'd seen in the YouTube instructional video earlier, familiarity with formalwear wasn't his most prominent trait. Eventually, the pieces of the jigsaw started to come together, the tie gave him a crisp, professional look, one which every job interviewer must surely be searching for, as his father always said, "You will get more judged from the first glance, than the first hour of talking to someone. Make a good First Impression."

As he pulled on his new suit jacket, bought especially for the interview he gazed over his reflection, something wasn't quite right and no matter how much he looked over himself, the thought wouldn't leave. The button, the glistening black button at the peak of his shirt. Was it right to go to a job interview without his top button done up, he had seen all the suit models in magazines and on the internet with it undone and they all had jobs! Fifteen minutes he spent constantly buttoning and unbuttoning his shirt up, trying to decide which was most suitable for a job interview. That button could decide so much, have a dramatic effect on the outcome of today and indirectly his life. A top button done up resonates a smart, sophisticated, punctuality and professionalism, however leaving it open suggests confidence, an outgoing attitude and a raw sense of creativity that others may lack.

The nausea started to return with a vengeance, he shook himself free of it, gave himself one last look and turned around, he would decide on the way.
Half an hour later he was sitting in the interview room at the University where the job vacancy was, waiting for the Dean to come and begin the interview. Ten long minutes later the door opened behind him, "Hi Patrick, I'm Alan, the Dean of this prestigious establishment, I must say it's rare we get a male applicant for a job like this, especially in such a smart suit. So tell me, why do you want to be a cleaner?"



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