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The sun beamed through the small gap in the oversized satin curtains. Light filled the large white room and gold flickers reflected back and forth, from wall to wall. It was heaven like. Her pale, milky skin prickled under the summer sun – she was already awake.  Smooth fingers ran graciously through her hair; across her shoulders; down her back. That feeling returned. She wriggled uncomfortably.

The welcoming stranger placed his silky lips gently onto her neck as he muttered the words “good morning, Beautiful”. She clasped her teeth tightly and squirmed under his light touch. He remained still, his gentle fingers exploring her skin. She was confused.
A warm tear trickled slowly down her cold cheek and onto her chest where her long, golden hair fell in ringlets over her naked body. She hadn’t had this feeling before. Her large, vacant eyes began to fill with more tears as she began to sob uncontrollably. This was different from the other times. He was different from the others.

 Her body began to shake as all the hurt and pain came flooding out. He wrapped his muscular arms tightly around her, holding her still. He said nothing. How could a stranger make her feel so special, so worthy?

An hour had passed. An hour where she felt as if someone really loved her. An hour that she wanted to last for a lifetime. An hour that she feared she’d never feel again.
Her heart sunk as the warm stranger retreated from his tight grasp. Fear pulsated through her body; a familiar fear; a fear of being alone, unloved. Why was this so different from the other times? Who was this man? She dropped back down to reality with a thud, how could she let herself feel for someone, she knew she wasn’t worthy.

As all of the hurt and loneliness came creeping back into her body, she began to feel herself again. With a deep sigh she clambered out of the bed and placed her feet onto the warm, wooden floor where the sun had been resting.
She quickly dressed herself in last night’s clothes, ready to escape before her unknown companion returned. She opened the door quickly and walked into unfamiliar territory. The apartment was amazing, like something she’d never seen before. She could hear the shower running. She needed to get out.

She searched her pockets in the hope of finding something that would identify where she was. She pulled out a small, white button. It was beautiful. Where had this come from?
She felt the stranger’s hands grasp her wrist tightly as she walked towards the door. He took the button from her, lightly kissed it and placed it into her hand, closing her fingers around it. Confused, she stared into his eyes. He stared back. She looked at the button he had placed in her hand and the feeling that she’d felt earlier, the feeling that she’d only discovered today, the feeling that this unknown man made her feel came rushing back into her body. That’s when she knew. He was her saviour.



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